Qi Qi Straightening

Qi Qi Straightening

We are excited to have brought the newest technology in hair straightening
into the salon Qiqi Vega permanent straightening.


Qiqi Vega Straightening Service

Qiqi vega straightening is a permanent hair straightening service that leaves the hair shiny, insanely soft with radiant results. its the most advanced and ultimate straightening product on the market. With 3 different solutions to use targeting specific hair types, this product is for everyone

  • All your daily routine activities will pose no challenge. Vega straightening treatment is resistant to sweat, moisture and harsh climatic conditions.
  • Look beautiful every day, all day.
  • Continue to enjoy swimming in the sea or the pool, your hair will keep its gorgeous look

  • Forget about the unnecessary and annoying dependence on hair dryers.
  • Vega is safe to use with zero harmful ingredients.
  • Resistant to harsh climatic conditions such as humidity, extreme cold or heat.
  • Your hair rejuvenates and revitalizes without the fear of damage cause by a chemical treatment.


The application and straightening takes 2.5 – 3 hours. Qiqi in most cases will need to be redone after 4-6months depending on hair growth cycles and how curly your natural regrowth is. The product and service can be reapplied after 4 weeks if needed.

There is no limitation on using hair elastics, clips, headbands after your service you can go about your day as normal. Hair can be washed after 15 mins of having the service done. You can swim in salt water, chlorine etc with this service.

Qiqi vega has been created to be able to be used on all hair types, previously coloured and highlighted hair is safe for the service. The hair can be coloured on the same day as the qiqi service is performed.

Qiqi Vega is a unique acidic system made with organic components with the capabilities of a straightener or relaxer but safely react with disulfide bonds without harsh chemicals. Vega can be left on the hair for up to 4 hours without any damage. Unlike Japanese straightening or Relaxers which damage hair with high alkalinity and cannot be applied for a long period of time. Vega is not known to cause hair damage or breakage.

Qiqi have developed a Shampoo, conditioner & mask that replenishes the moisture in the hair and makes the hair continue to feel soft, shiny and manageable. Although it is not required to use the products you can use your normal shampoo and conditioner, treatment that you currently have and it wont effect the results of the service. If you were to use any product from the Qiqi range we suggest using the hair mask every second wash.



Application & Straightening service


Application & Straightening service


with take home Mask

Application & Straightening service


with take home Shampoo, conditioner & Mask



(makes you feel like you left the salon shampoo)



(goodbye dry, hello gorgeous conditoner)



(not just smooth, insanely smooth mask)

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